Bee hive removal

Beehive is simply a structure in which some species of honey bees live and raise their newborns. The Natural beehives are constructed by honey bee colonies, While domesticated honey bees are kept in man-made beehives in a location known as an apiary. Beehives have hexagonal cells in them, They packed together. They called a honeycomb.

Bees are responsible for pollinating and keeping our agricultural and ecological environments stable and flourishing. Bees pollinate around 80% of our food supply. Without bees to pollinate crops and other plants, scientists believe humans might be able to survive for only 4-5 years. They say “No bees, no food, no people”. That’s it. The facts are startling. We rely on bees to pollinate 91 of the 100 crops that provide 80% of most of the world’s food. Can you imagine a world with no almonds, fewer apples, and strawberries, less alfalfa to feed dairy cows?

proper removal

That is why the proper removal of a beehive is a crucial and tough task. Honey bees are heavily defensive about their hive and eggs laid in them. But having a hive in your backyard is a matter of more concern while you got a child playing around. It is not about how much you love wild species. It is not wise to shelter a honey bee colony in your house and let them build a giant hive. In this scenario, No Kill Bee Removal USA is providing the best solution to your household or in business space. Our beekeepers have hands-on experience in dealing with honey bees. Our name describes our service uniqueness. We ensure to kill no bees and proper relocation as well.

When we are removing a beehive, we not only remove the actual bees. We remove the honey-comb that they’ve made as well. A honeycomb is made of a waxy hexagonal structure which holds liquid honey and bee larvae called brood. Bees start to make honey-comb a day or two after arriving at a hive location. Just after a week, bees can make more than a pound of honey-comb.

A few months of working on a hive, it is typical for it to weigh 10 to 20 pounds. If a beehive has been around for a year or more it is not uncommon for it to weigh hundreds of pounds. No Kill Bee Removal USA removes all the honeycomb, cleans the hive space. After that, we treat the area to remove odors of the honeycomb and bee pheromones. Our service comes with a warranty ensuring that the bees will not come back.