Bee removal service

Bee removal is a process of uniting beekeeping experience with construction knowledge to remove and rescue uninvited bees from any location. No one wants to see their home or business has been subject to a bee infiltration. Bees can prove to be an annoyance and a health hazard. Bee removal can only be executed when daily temperatures do not fall below 55* F. There are several procedures like cut-outs, trap-outs and swarm removals depending on the location of the bees in the structure. With each of these procedures, the bees are rescued and relocated to a new safe spot.

The reason we’re able to offer such encompassing service lies in our procedures. Which are entirely non-toxic and noninvasive to your property. We apply an organic, safe compound to counteract the bees. Then remove them and relocate them safely so no harm comes to you or the bees.

A Cut-out is a preferred technique of removing bees. At first, we locate the bee group using inspection cameras, infrared cameras to find their precise location. Bees will make their homes in cavities and voids such as the eaves and soffits, between joists in walls, etc. We determine the best means likely to access the bees, whether from inside, or outside. We cut open this zone to remove wax, honey and baby bees. Then, using a variety of tools. We cover the cracks and lead-ins so the bees will not be able to return to this region. A Trap-out is a different technique of bee removal that can be done if the bees’ nest is in a location that cannot be accessed by cut-out. A trap-out usually involves multiple visits and can take from 3-6 weeks.

Being a host to Bees in your house may result in hazardous consequences. Children might become curious about this new visitor in their house and throw stones at the hive which is highly dangerous. It is not only a threat to a single household or business space but also to the whole community. That's why it is wise to take immediate actions. No Kill Bee Removal USA is 24x7 ready to rescue you from this situation. We guarantee proper measures and safe relocation. Our beekeepers are the best service provider you can find nearby.

Finally, our prices are highly affordable, ensuring you’re getting the very best value and most inclusive service. All from the same company that has established itself time and time again to be a leading name in bee removal.