Carpenter bee removal

Carpenter bees resemble the bumble bee, having similar body structure and coloring. However unlike bumble bees, carpenter bees are benign creatures. Only the female carpenter bee is capable of stinging, and only do so when provoked. These creatures like sylvan environments, as they like to burrow tunnels inside wood to set up a nest. You are often going to see a carpenter bee damage in your landscape whether it be on your siding, fences, trellises or anything made of wood. It is most likely to encounter them in April-May.

Carpenter bees are solitary insects, unlike the honey bees. They are less defensive and hardly sting unless we mess with them. The female carpenter bees are actually responsible for a considerable amount of damage to any wooden structure by creating a hole in them which are mostly half inch in diameter. They use this hole as a nest for laying her eggs.

If you don’t deal with these carpenter bees and close the holes. It's a risk that new females Bees. They will be attracted to that spot as well as your house. We, the No Kill Bee Removal USA. Our team is extremely skill dealing with uninvited carpenters in your house.  

Wood replacement is necessary when the strength of structural members, posts, poles. The wood products reduced due to carpenter bee damage. This type of replacement can be quite costly depending on the area of the damage.

Carpenter bees

You can find carpenter bees nests in several places: house's eaves. The underside of a pool deck, window trim, wood siding, fence posts, outdoor furniture, window frames or any other exposed wood. When the bees invade into the loft area and begin to infest the string system. The roof may become unstable leading to slumped and potential leaks. The water damage caused by this will only increase the cost of repairs. A simple roof repair will cost, at a minimum, $2500 (and that’s if you are only dealing with a small section). These bees aren’t only blamable for direct damage but also the indirect damage of predatory birds (mostly woodpeckers). The fungus and also developing mold growth in the bee tunnels.

Getting rid of a carpenter bee infestation is not an easy task. These bees are not the social type. So, you cannot find them in a single specific spot. The Carpenter bees need to be dealt one by one. The several methods including carpenter bee traps, closing off or destroying nests, and introducing poison dust into each bee gallery.

That is why No Kill Bee Removal USA team has been helping out owners dealing with carpenter bees. We use the most updated instruments to find every single spot they have drilled into. We remove the bees and repair the damage via using medicinal compounds to prevent further invasion. We ensure bringing your furniture or wooden structure back to its normal phase. Our service is cost-efficient and effective as well.