Honey bee removal

Honeybees are the most social bees. They live in colonies ranging in size from a few hundred to thousands. Every year, especially in the spring season with the initiation of the warmer weather, the colony begins to grow once again in size. As a natural part of their life cycle, a breakaway new colony swarm off to start a new home some distance away from the original hive.

Bees provide one of the most vital pollination means of transportation for food security. They are also able to produce large amounts of additional natural honey when accurately managed in beehives. But naturally bees are also very protective of their valuable commodities and the bee sting venom is one of the most compelling venoms of the animal kingdom. So when bees move into suburban or industrial areas and become a pest to other people and animals they may need to be removed.

When your household or office space is invaded by honey bees, it is wise to call a competent beekeeper. He is the right person to carry out this task because he understands bee behavior better than anyone.  Some species of honey bees like African and Cape bees can become very aggressive when their homes are troubled. A person not trained in performing bee removals should never attempt to relocate a colony of bees. Bees, when aggressive and irrepressible can hurt/kill humans and animals. The cost of spending a night in the ICU of any hospital is not worth claiming the reputation of removing a swarm of bees if you have never done it before. No Kill Bee Removal USA is providing services all across the country while you are seeking help regarding honey bee’s invasion. Our beekeepers are well-skilled and reputed in this very field.

No Kill Bee Removal USA also offers a preventative bee proofing service.  This means that we seal up any cracks, or holes on your structure so that bees cannot get into any structural vacuums to start a colony.  In the case of vents such as dryer vents or chimney tops we use a fine mesh that still allows air to pass through. Bee proofing is highly effective as it stops a bee problem before it starts, does not harm any bees and can keep other pests out too. In some situations, if bees have invaded a spot multiple times it will be difficult to completely remove the smell of honeycomb and pheromones. And in future bees will chew through materials like silicone or foam to re-enter the old hive site.

No Kill Bee Removal USA is a cost efficient service which ensures permanent solution to honey bee problem. We do know our job well and guarantee satisfaction of our clients. So, get your free quote now!